Founded On “Quality First”

PROLine Products LLC was officially founded in November 2002 by Tom Murtagh, but the history of PROLine runs much deeper than that.

ProLine has been making trailers since 2002Research and development goes back decades for Tom who has been an avid snowmobiler his whole life and got into the trailer industry as he didn’t like what he found on the market.

After building a single three place snowmobile trailer in his garage he decided to move forward and start the company that we have grown into today.

This “never settle” vision has led us to build the absolute best trailer we can and is why every detail of our trailers is engineered to be not only rugged but as user compatible as possible. You can be assured that every trailer that leaves our facility was built with the customer in mind and with most trailers being custom builds, it’s a very specific customer.

Bottom line is you’re not just getting the best trailer, you’re getting the best value too.

If you ever see a “similar” trailer for a lesser price, chances are you’re getting MUCH less of a trailer.
Give us a call to hear about the difference.

PROLine’s Factory Direct Sales

If you find our trailers expensive, odds are you’re either comparing it to a steel framed trailer (which would be MUCH less expensive than ours) or another aluminum trailer without the same great features that we put standard on all of our trailers.

Price out that same enclosed aluminum trailer with the features you’ll find standard on ours:

Dexter Torflex Axles

Galvanized Axles

10″ NevR Adjust Brakes

Radial Tires

Galvanized Wheels

All LED Lighting

3 / 4″ Flooring

Quality Side Doors

Multiple Interior Lights

Fully Welded Frames

You’ll find we’re typically priced right in line and often times quite less, and you won’t find the quality in another brand trailer as you will in a PROLine Products LLC trailer.

Simple Economics

The cost of shipping raw materials is a fraction of the cost of shipping entire enclosed trailers. All PROLine Products trailers are built in and sold from our facility in Milton, New Hampshire.

With PROLine you’re buying directly from the manufacturer. You’re not picking up from a dealer who’s trying to profit plus give his salesman commission. We’re cutting out the middle men and passing the savings along to you.

By custom building trailers for our customers, we’re able to avoid the high cost of maintaining a huge inventory and you get the trailer with what you want, in the color you want, for the price you deserve.

Outstanding Customer Service

PROLine Products LLC is family owned and operated. Any time a customer calls the office a family member answers the phone and makes sure their questions or concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

Too many times we’ve heard of customers who have contacted either their local trailer dealer or other manufacturers with simple questions that were somehow never answered.

The dealer sends the customer to the manufacturer, the manufacturer back to the dealer, and that’s if either ever answers the phone.

We’ve gotten a lot of business based on our customer service history alone. It shows we care about you, our customers, and we want you leaving our facility not just with one of our trailers, but the right trailer for you.

Often our customers are surprised that we didn’t suggest a bigger, more expensive trailer but those trailers don’t always suit the customer’s needs or the needs of their tow vehicle.

The best form of advertising for us or any business is by creating happy, loyal customers. A process that is automatic when you put out a quality product that exceeds the customer’s expectations, and of course, is offered at a fair price.