A Redefined Trailer Buying Experience

Our factory direct sales provide a personalized buying experience, probably a completely different sales process than you’re used to. It’s simple though, and can be broken down into 5 easy steps.

1. Understanding Your Needs

Instead of bouncing between dealers’ lots and trying to find something that would work; you come directly to us, the manufacturer. We’ll take the time to discuss what you need a trailer for and how exactly you envision yourself using it. Armed with this information, plus our years of experience in the trailer industry, we’ll help plan out the perfect trailer for your particular situation.

2. Quote Generation

After we’ve had a chance to discuss different trailer sizes, options and configurations that will work best for you we can generate an itemized quote. This is where we’ll specifying your trailer model, color (or colors), and any options you’ve added; as well as locations for those options.

3. Initial Deposit

Once you tell us the quote looks good we require a minimum 20% deposit to get your trailer into our production schedule. For deposits, we accept cash, personal or business check, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, or Discover card. Once your order is placed and processed, your deposit is non-refundable.
Please Note: Some custom orders will require a deposit greater than 20% and in some circumstances credit card may not be accepted for deposit.

4. Lead Time

Our lead times vary throughout the course of the year. Traditionally, we’ve run between 3 and 6 week lead times but backlogs increased substantially during the COVID-19 pandemic due to increased demand, material availability, and shipping volatility. Lead times had stretched in excess of 20 weeks at times. Recent lead times have been hovering back around normal, about 4-6 weeks. Please inquire about estimated completion dates prior to ordering.
If our lead time happens to be quicker than you’re looking to purchase please just let us know and we can put you into our schedule for a later completion date (some restrictions apply). Need a trailer in a hurry? We try to keep a handful of trailers in stock for those of you who just can’t wait and we’re almost always building others for inventory that we may still be able to customize for your needs!

5. Trailer Pick Up

As soon as your trailer is completed we’ll send you an e-mail letting you know your trailer is completed! In that e-mail will be a link to our pick up calendar where you can schedule a time to come in and pick up your new trailer. Final payment is due at this time. At time of pick up, one of our staff will go over the entire trailer with you, discussing options/features that your trailer has, we’ll go over recommended maintenance and maintenance intervals, as well as safe trailering practices.

Due to space limitations, we ask that you pick up your trailer within 14 business days from date of notification. Trailers not picked up within this time frame may be subject to a storage fee of $25 per business day at PROLine’s discretion unless prenegotiated at the time your order was placed.

Final Payment

Final payment for US sales can be paid upon pickup by cashier’s check, cash, or financing through Sheffield Financial. If financing is required please seek approval for the amount needed prior to placing your deposit. Alternatively, the trailer can be prepaid by personal check, online payment, or wire transfer. Final payment for sales to Canada must be paid in cash upon pick up or prepaid by wire transfer. Please allow 4 days for funds to clear.

Please Note: We accept credit cards for deposits up to 20% of the purchase price. Credit cards for payments over 20% of the purchase price will incur a 3% service charge.

Trailer Registration & Other Fees

We’ll provide you a vehicle identification number (VIN) prior to you picking up your trailer so you can obtain financing and insurance. Upon pickup, we’ll also provide you the manufacturer’s certificate of origin (CO) for your trailer and a 20-day temporary plate at no charge. New Hampshire mandates that we initiate the state title for NH residents who purchase trailers that have a 3000# GVWR or more. The cost to NH residents is $25.