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I recently took delivery of a new PROLine enclosed motorcycle trailer. The trailer has exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and performance. I tow a full size Harley Davidson bagger in the trailer; loading & unloading couldn’t’ be easier. Most importantly, the tie down rails (five of them!) secure the bike perfectly. No need to install D-Rings in a wooden base and hope they don’t fail – the tie down rails are welded to the frame. Service from the company was excellent – I received exactly what I ordered within the timeline quoted. This is American small business at its finest. I highly recommend PROLine.

John S. | Plymouth, Minnesota | MOT 80-14

The trailer towed absolutely fantastic. The rolling resistance and weight made it so the Toyota towed it effortlessly. I'm a HUGE turbo diesel fan for towing trailers and I thought I'd be disappointed towing this with the gas Tundra, exact opposite happened, I was very impressed. I'll get a car loaded in it and tow it again soon. I've owned maybe 8 brand new car trailers from various manufacturers. I have to say this is the best quality of any trailer I have owned. I am really-really impressed with the welds and the fit and finish. Thanks for everything, very happy with the trailer.

David Buschur, Buschur Racing | Wakeman, Ohio | CRHL 820

I wanted a CRHL816 car hauler for my track car. At 16 feet things were going to be a little cramped with my small track car along with a rolling tool cart, tires and other necessities inside it but I wanted the trailer to be as compact as possible. I also wanted to add tire racks, an awning, an escape door, extra lighting, and a few other items. Tom was great right from the start in providing me with critical measurements and advice. To get everything to fit required moving the side door to the front of the V nose and positioning the escaped door, cabinet, tire racks, spare tire, and D rings precisely. I visited with Tom and went over a sketch I'd made with him. He took all the time needed to make sure he understood what I was after. When I picked the trailer up Tom and his associate again spent ample time with me going over everything. After I got the trailer home I loaded the car and everything else I'd be carrying into it and set the tongue weight set correctly. With the car in the right spot it turned out the my drivers door was spot-on in relation to the escape door and I was able to open it fully. It also cleared the sill and my track car sits very close to the ground. The car and everything else fit perfectly in the trailer, I can easily get in and out of the car once it's in the trailer with the drivers door wide open. The door on the V-nose , step for the door, D-rings, and tire racks all ended up exactly were I wanted them and worked out perfectly as well. The trailer is very well made and tows beautifully. To get all the custom features I wanted from another manufacturer would have required I purchase their most expensive top of the line product with added shipping cost. I ended up getting much more for much less. PROLine makes a great product and Tom bends over backwards to give a customer exactly want they want. I couldn't be more pleased with the value and functionality of my trailer, thanks!

Dan C. | Salem, New Hampshire | CRHL 816

I recently purchased a custom built 7' x 16' enclosed trailer from PROLine. The trailer had many custom features added. The exterior is black with no rivets or screws and a aluminum rock guard around the complete perimeter. I cannot say enough about the dealings I had with Aaron, he is gentleman and did everything I asked for in a perfect way. The guys in the shop have to be highly commended in their workmanship. I am a finish carpenter and found the work done was 100% . I have found no faults and am completely satisfied. I was looking for a local company to build my trailer. I have 4 cargo trailers now and this is the best anyone could ask for. Delivery was right on schedule and everybody was a pleasure to deal with. I am truly thankful that I found PROLine.

Barry Kriegsman | Foxborough, Massachusetts | CON 716

I bought my motorcycle trailer in October of 2013. I just wanted to let everyone how well it handled. I left February 28 and got back April 4 from Daytona Beach, Florida. I put a lot of miles on the trailer with my Harley inside. It’s 6 foot 8 inches wide x 14 feet with a 35” V nose long. It’s 6’6 high, with a camper door, and a 29”x30’ window. I built cabinets and made it into a place we could stay that was very comfortable. What I’m getting at is it handled just awesome and so well built. If you’re looking for a great cargo trailer they’re built here and good prices. Thanks for building such a great trailer. We will be back again and recommend your products to everyone.

Bernard Blanchard | New Brunswick, Canada | MOT 80-14

Ted, Sean and I wish to thank you for the two Contractor Trailers we purchased in December and January. After researching many different trailers and Ted previously buying a competitor's trailer, we realized you had the best built trailer on the market. The design of the frame in itself sets your product in a class all it's own. No other manufacturer builds the roof frame as well or as strong as your trailer. You also provide all top quality components such as Dexter Torsion axles, Dexter self adjusting brakes and Dexter EZ lube hubs. Radial tires with a 4 year warranty and many more quality components too numerous to mention. The workmanship of the entire unit is flawless, and presented to us completely finished, with everything done the way it is supposed to be. We were impressed by your facility, well organized, clean and neat, which translates into a perfect product. We sincerely wish to thank everyone of your employee's that participated in the construction of our trailer's for a great job. It is a rare occurrence these days to buy something and have it done right the first time. We will be back again and recommend your products to everyone.

John Donovan | West Barnstable, Massachusetts | CON 714

I inquired about the ****** brand trailer but when I heard the price was $5000 more than some other trailers I backed away very quickly. I've read they are not worth the extra money. I went with the PROLine from New Hampshire and saved the $5000 for other things. Looking over the NH based PROLine I think I got a trailer just as good if not better than anything out there for any price. This guy in NH is a sledder. He told me he built this and all his trailers to be like what he would want for himself. I like to complain about things when I find fault. So far I can't find anything about this trailer to complain about. Drove it home empty in a whipping wind and rain storm without a problem. Why pay more?

Murray Donovan | New Brunswick, Canada | S101-12VNTnb

Regarding everything about the trailer, I couldn't be happier. The trailer is extremely rugged, the floor is solid, the translucent ceiling is fantastic in more ways than one, the suspension is great, the sleds easily load and unload, it tows well and as far as I'm concerned, it's one of the best looking trailers on the road. I assure you, friends and strangers alike have taken notice and anyone that asks hears nothing but praise and positive comments, along with a suggestion to call you if they're ever in need of an extremely high quality snowmobile trailer. The fact that you were great to deal with, down to earth and made helpful, useful and knowledgeable suggestions only made the entire buying experience that much more outstanding.

I thank you for manufacturing an excellent product and wish you, your wife and sons the best of health and happiness and hope your company continues to prosper for years into the future.

Tim Center | New London, New Hampshire | SNO 714

I am really liking my new trailer. I just got back from a few days in Pittsburg. The conditions were awesome and the trailer got a lot of comments. I think I sold you at least one. I'm enclosing a picture to show you that two longtracks (Polaris Switchbacks) and a short track (Polaris Rush) can easily fit in a 14 ft trailer. Maybe that additional rail down the middle is a good selling point for a 14 ft vs a 12 ft trailer. We probably have 10 inches to spare when they are all tied down. I put a few boat fenders in between the sleds to make sure they wouldn't rub but they didn't move in inch during the trip.

Wayne Koch | Windham, New Hampshire | S101-14T

I am nothing but satisfied with the trailer you guys have built for me. It has exceeded my expectations and the quality is superior to all other trailers I have used before. Your professionalism and outstanding service has made my experience working with you guys easy and enjoyable. So pleased with my trailer and have nothing but positive things to say about your company and its products. Thank you so much and look forward to doing business with you again.

Casey McCormack | Rowley, Massachusetts | CON 716

We searched for quite some time to find the trailer that was just right for our motorcycle vending business, We looked at a lot of trailers and searched the net to research every make and model available. We wanted aluminum for it's long lasting qualities and of coarse for its light weight for better gas mileage. The clincher for us was when we took the drive to visit your factory. As soon as I looked at one of your trailers I knew that PROLine was the trailer for us. The welds sold me. Just seeing the high quality of each weld I saw that your trailers were better than all the others we looked at. The whole buying experience was great beginning to end. We towed the trailer all over to bike rallies and I didn't even know it was behind my truck. The trailer handled everything we could pack into it. The comments from rally goers and the other vendors when we would set up were great. Anyone thinking about buying a trailer would be crazy not to look at your great products. Thank you PROLine for a great trailer and a great buying experience.

John & Karen Forth, Pop's Cycle LEDs | Malone, NY | MOT 80-16

I shopped for a long time for an all-aluminum 7x14 snowmobile trailer. I compared options and construction quality of the many different trailer manufacturers and I'm confident that my purchase from PROLine is the very best value available. I have trailered thousands of miles this past winter over New England and Atlantic Canada's roads, some of which were not the greatest and I'm very happy with how my trailer performed. It is not ill-affected by wind, rough roads, inclement weather or speed. The trailer is stable and quiet and pulls better than any trailer that I've ever hauled. The buying and pick-up experience was very pleasant. Tom was very responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. He even gave me a tour of the factory facilities where you can see first hand the high degree of quality that he and his staff put into the PROLine trailers. Based upon my experience, I thank Tom and highly recommend PROLine trailers.

Gary Murray | Nova Scotia, Canada | SNO 714

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy my PROLine trailer. I pulled it to Texas from New Hampshire and most of the time I was unaware it was behind me. The aerodynamic design, light weight and solid construction made it a dream to pull. The electric braking system worked flawlessly and the easy lowering ramp door made it very easy to load and unload. Thanks again for building a great product.

Jim Twombly | Rochester, New Hampshire | CRG 714

Here are some pictures of the ice boat trailer all done and loaded up with 3 ice boats. The trailer worked out beautifully and I am extremely happy with the job you guys did on it. There are also a few pictures of my big boat a few weekends ago. Wow does it fly!! The wind was blowing about 20 MPH and we were clocking about 70MPH. Anyway I thought I would just let you know how happy I am and I hope you can use the pictures to show others on other possible uses for your trailers. Again thanks.

Cody Sisson, Sisson Engineering Corp. | Northfield, Maine | CRG 724

I could not be happier with my trailer. All the little features make it great. It trailers excellent. The translucent roof is fantastic. The front doors are very large and make access very easy. It has plenty of room. It's just a great trailer. I get compliments at every parking lot. I have owned 6 different snowmobile trailers made by all the major manufacturers. This is BY FAR, the best trailer I've ever owned. I love this thing!!! I'm trying to spread the good word for you. I will recommend you and your product to everyone.

Shaun Kelley | North Billerica, Massachusetts | S101-12

Tom, It was great to meet you this past Saturday. My new trailer is the nicest I've seen, ...really, (and I've checked out many)! I wanted to thank you for building this trailer for me. Your professionalism, and that of the paperwork you provided, your website, the actual trailer and from what I saw during my visit to pick up the trailer, your entire setup, is unquestionable! Everything was well done, indeed! Although it is a long way off, I look forward to actually using my new trailer this snowmobile season. Thank you! I'd also like to thank you for the hat and shirt you provided me. Thanks again!

Frank Appel | Latham, New York | S101-12T

Got to use the trailer once before storing it and the car for the winter -- see attached pics. Towed it 45 miles from my house to NHMS this weekend and I am really delighted in how well it pulls behind my 1/2 ton Silverado. No problem maintaining speed up hills. My car doors easily clear the fender wells (but as you mentioned, probably would not clear an escape door sill). Thanks for all your help in customizing it for me.
Everyone that has seen the trailer comments on how nice it looks. Looking forward to next season and loading it with more racing gear.

Bert Schmitz | Salem, New Hampshire | CRHL 818

Tom & Staff, I had your company build me a MOT-80-14 enclosed motorcycle trailer. You put 2 sliding glass windows in and a screen door. Well, I have got so many compliments about my trailer and myself being a machinist think your work is outstanding and I'm proud to be a PROLine customer.
You also were great to me and my wife and made us feel right at home. Towing it home was like not even having it behind our truck and straight as an arrow. Thanks again and will give you some business no doubt.

Lonnie & Rosemary Miller | Adams, New York | MOT 80-14

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the new trailer. I had concerns with sway in windy conditions without sway bar controls on trailer. You told me they were not needed and it would not be an issue, you were absolutely right. I towed from PA on Monday in windy/gusty conditions, did not even know the trailer was back there. Anyway, thanks for a truly quality product.

Carl Broadbent | Oceanport, New Jersey | SNO 724

I am sending you some photos of our trailer, model S101-12T purchased from you May, 2009. I can't begin to tell you how pleased we are that all of our plans for hauling our hot rod and storage of it, have been totally fulfilled. We have traveled to two popular car shows in New York so far, with absolutely no problems. We have customized the interior for all of our car needs. The trailer loaded, responds very well while being towed. Thank you very much for such a well designed and crafted product. We have, and will continue to advertise for your company. People are amazed to see what we pull out of the trailer upon arrival at the show. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you again!

Dick & Joyce Aussicker | Cohoes, New York | S101-12T