Snowmobile Track Mats & Ski Glides

Though not an absolute necessity, many of our customers choose to add some Caliber snowmobile products to their trailer to help protect the flooring. We know that any aluminum trailer you buy is an investment and for this reason, we carry the only the very best in flooring protection from Caliber Products Inc.

PROLine Products recommends track protection and ski glide protection on the ramp doors of all snowmobile trailers. This is where most of the acceleration is done and where the flooring will take the most abuse.

We typically don’t recommend any protection inside the trailer deck as the flooring holds up well for most sleds. Without the added mats/glides, you can easier slide the snowmobile across the floor to get it into position inside the trailer. This is especially useful on 7′ and 7.5′ wide snowmobile trailers. Comparatively with the mats/glides, you have to pick the skis out of the grooves to get the sled against the wall. Our recommendation is to always try without them first and possibly add in the future if you feel they’re needed. In our experience, the overwhelming majority of our customers end up not adding any inside the trailer deck.

Caliber Trax Grabber16" x 22"$15 each
Caliber LowPro Wide Glides8" x 60"$20 each
Caliber LowPro Grip Glides9" x 30"$15 each