Though not an absolute necessity many of our customers choose to add snowmobile track mats and ski glides to their trailer to help protect the flooring.

We know that any aluminum trailer you buy is an investment and for this reason, we carry the only the very best in flooring protection from Caliber Products Inc.

Trax Mats

We carry four different products from Caliber. For traction we carry the 18″ x 54″ TraxMat and the16″ x 22″ Trax Grabbers.

18x54 Trax Mat

18″ X 54″ TraxMat

16x22 Trax Grabber

16″ X 22″ Trax Grabber

The Trax Grabbers are great because they are lightweight and very open to give your trailer more of an opportunity to properly dry out.

Ski Glides

For glides, we carry the Low Profile Wide Glides (8″ x 60″) as well as the Low Profile Grip Glides (9″ x 30″).

8″ X 60″ Low Profile Wide Glides

9″ X 30″ Low Profile Grip Glides

The wide glides work great for snowmobile applications but if you’re planning on using your trailer for ATVs as well the grip glides will provide some much needed tire traction to help you get into the trailer.

PROLine recommends mats and glides on the ramp doors of all snowmobile trailers. This is where most of the acceleration is done and where the flooring will take the most abuse.