So you’ve ordered your trailer, now what?

Well, first off, thank you for choosing PROLine Products LLC! We take a lot of pride in the product that we build and are humbled by the increasing demand and appreciation our customers exhibit. Please review and refer to this page to answer some common questions about your trailer order!

Review Your Order!

Option/Feature Locations

Trailer Registration Information

Lead Time & Status Updates

Please Review Your Order!

We’re good at what we do, but we’re not mind readers. Please thoroughly review your order to make sure everything you think you’re getting is listed on the order. Also, please pay particularly close attention to trailer color and option/feature locations. Any item listed as TBD (To Be Determined), we will need a location on that. Please let us know where you want any items located as soon as possible. See Option/Feature Locations section below for location standards.

Any item listed as CHOICE, we will need you to make a decision and let us know what your selection is! This is most common for trailer colors or awning colors.

If you’ve just ordered your trailer, odds are you have a little time as we work through our backlog before we start building it. HOWEVER, certain items cannot be changed at certain points so it is best to make sure everything is the way you want it as soon as possible. We WILL NOT notify you before we start building your trailer and sometimes we do run ahead of schedule.

Some custom order parts cannot be changed/cancelled once the parts have been ordered. These parts include, but are not limited to:

  • Awnings (Colors, lengths)
  • Concession/Awning Doors

Cancellation or change of a custom order part will result in a restocking fee up to 50% if we cannot change the order with our supplier. Custom parts will be denoted on your order as such.

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Option/Feature Locations

When you order a trailer, you have a say in where installed options or features go! Options and Features locations will be according to the following standards.

Which Side of Trailer

Roadside and Curbside are the terms used to determine which side of the trailer a feature will be located on.


The Roadside of the trailer = DRIVER side of the tow vehicle
This is the side that your LEFT directional is on
This is the side of the trailer that is facing the ROAD when driving


The Curbside of the trailer = PASSENGER side of the tow vehicle
This is the side that your RIGHT directional is on
This is the side of the trailer that is facing the CURB when driving

Where Along Length of Trailer

Locations along the length of the trailer are typically done in one of the following:

  • Front
  • Rear
  • V-Nose
  • Near point of V
  • On V near trailer box
  • Above Wheels/Wheel Well/Fender

If there is a specific location then the option/feature needs to be marked in one of the following manners:

  • XX” from front of trailer box*
  • YY” from rear of trailer box*
  • ZZ” from point of V*

How High on Trailer Wall

Locations vertically on the wall are typically done as one of the following:

  • High
  • Low

If there is a specific vertical location then the option/feature needs to be marked as follows:

  • XX” from floor to center line (C/L)

If you have ANY questions or need ANY clarification regarding trailer locations, please let us know as soon as possible!

*Please note that some options/features require installation to structural framing. If you have a specific dimension that an installed option or feature needs to be located, there may be an additional charge if structure needs to be added to the trailer to accommodate.

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Trailer Registration

If you haven’t done so already, please use our online form to let us know how we should have the paperwork for the trailer made out. Click here to access that form.
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Lead time & Status Updates

On your Pro-Forma Invoice, which is essentially an order acknowledgement showing deposit applied and amount due at pickup, there will be an estimated completion date for your trailer. We do our absolute best to make sure we meet these dates. Unfortunately, there are circumstances that are out of our control that can cause us to fall behind. These circumstances are usually due to material availability but on average we hit about 95% of completion dates!

Looking for an update on your trailer? Odds are, we’re right on target but feel free to shoot us a text message at 603-652-7337. Please include the word “Update” and your Order Number (which can be found on your Pro-Forma Invoice).
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