To our customers:

Since 2012 PROLine Products LLC has made it company policy to have a company wide shut down for two weeks out of each year. Giving us and all of our employees here at PROLine a little down time. This means that NO ONE will be in the office from February 23rd through March 4th. Phone calls won’t be answered, messages won’t be received. Production will be halted and picked up where we left off.

What does this mean for our customers?

If you’ve already placed an order for a custom trailer this will not change your estimated pickup date. We took this into account when your deposit was received so you can still plan on your trailer being completed around that original estimated completion date we gave you.
If you want information on trailers, pricing, availability, etc. please explore our website. Everything, including pricing, can be found right online.
If you’re looking for a trailer quote feel free to fill out the Contact Us form on our website and on Monday, March 5th (or soon after) I’ll put together a quote and e-mail it out to you.

For anything else feel free to e-mail me at I’ll do my best to check my e-mail periodically over the course of the week.

Thank you for choosing PROLine Products LLC for your trailer needs and thank you in advance for your understanding.
As always, we’ll do our very best to earn your business.

Aaron Murtagh
PROLine Products LLC