Top Quality Aluminum Trailers

Since we opened in 2002, we’ve focused on manufacturing the highest quality aluminum trailers possible. This, of course, means using quality parts but also means quality in craftsmanship and engineering. Around 2007 we opted to forego the traditional trailer sales method of selling through dealers and instead we start selling our aluminum trailers factory direct.

Going to factory direct aluminum trailer sales was important to us as we wanted our customers to have the best possible experience when purchasing one of our aluminum trailers. This doesn’t happen solely by building a quality product, but instead by matching each future trailer owner with the proper trailer outfitted for their needs. We’re proud to say that in the 15+ years of our factory direct sales, we’ve had customers travel from as far as Alaska, California, Florida, Newfoundland, Iceland, and nearly everywhere in between.

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Rugged Aluminum Frames

Our aluminum trailers are built to last, starting with rugged main tubes and fully welded joints. We know what types of roads our trailers are dragged over when they leave our facility and our trailers are ready for them.

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Quality Trailer Parts

What good is a strong frame if you don’t have the components to support it? This is why we use only the best of parts on our aluminum trailers like galvanized Dexter torsion axles, high quality radial tires, LED lighting, and self-adjusting brakes.

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2.5x Stronger Roof

Our roofs are built with rugged 1″×2″ aluminum tubes on 16″ centers. That means a roof nearly 2.5 times stronger than many other trailers on the market. We tend to get a lot of snow in New Hampshire, our trailers are ready for it.

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Attention To Detail

Every aluminum trailer we build is checked and double checked before it leaves our shop. We want to make sure our trailers are looking their best with screws lining up, lines cut straight, doors installed tight, and every trim screw properly located.

How We Deliver The Most Value

Customer Service

The best form of advertising for us is by creating happy, loyal customers, time after time. A process that is automatic when you put out a quality product that exceeds our customers’ expectations while being offered at a fair price.

Factory Direct Sales

Our direct sales mean you can get the trailer that’s right for you. If we don’t have what you want in stock, we’ll happily build it for you, with very reasonable lead times. Over 85% of our sales year after year are custom orders so give us a call and we can help discover the perfect trailer for you!

Family Owned

We are a family owned & operated NH trailer dealer & manufacturer. Any time a customer calls, we’re here to make sure questions are addressed in a timely manner. This is a simple yet key component to our top-notch customer service.

Easy 5-Step Ordering Process

Understanding Your Needs

Customized Quote

Initial Deposit

Lead Time

Trailer Pick Up


Build To Order

Common Questions We Get

Why are your aluminum trailers more or less expensive?

Yes, we hear this question on both ends of the spectrum. If you find our trailers expensive, odds are you’re either comparing it to a steel framed trailer (which would be MUCH less expensive than ours) or another aluminum trailer without the same great features that we put standard on all of our trailers.

Price out that same enclosed aluminum trailer with the features we give you standard on most of ours (Galvanized Dexter Torflex Axles w/ EZ Lube Hubs, galvanized wheels, radial tires, LED lights, 3/4″ flooring, quality side doors, ramp doors with spring assists, roof and walls on 16″ center, all aluminum & fully welded tubular frames, etc).
You’ll find we’re typically priced right in line and often times quite less, and you want find the quality of construction in whatever other brand trailer as you will in a PROLine Products LLC trailer.

Why don't you have any dealers?

In our time of making trailers, we’ve found that “trailer dealers” typically only try to sell what they have sitting on their lot. Here at PROLine, we pride ourselves on selling the right trailer to the right customer so it’s best our customers contact us directly to help them get into the perfect trailer for their needs. Being the manufacturer we’re just as happy to custom build a trailer for someone as to sell them one off our lot. It’s all about identifying and meeting our customer’s needs then exceeding their expectations.

Do you perform trailer repairs?

If a trailer that was originally made by PROLine Products LLC is damaged we are happy to help and get it back on the road, however, we DO NOT do any repairs on any other brand’s trailers.

How long does it take to build a trailer?

Traditionally, lead times have been anywhere between 3 and 6 weeks but were longer during the COVID-19 pandemic. Current lead times are back down to a more normal 4-6 weeks. If you need a trailer in a hurry please check out our inventory page to see what’s currently available. Also, don’t be afraid to call, as we’re always building trailers to have in inventory and may be building exactly what you need.

What methods of payment do you accept?

For initial deposits we can take all major credit/debit cards, cash, or check. Final payment is due at time of pick up by cash, certified check, or financed through Sheffield Financial.

Can I come look at your trailer inventory?

We are quite a bit different than other trailers for sale in NH where many of our trailers are built to spec as we keep a smaller inventory. The overwhelming majority of our completed trailers are stored in a warehouse until they’re purchased and picked up. If you come during business hours we can show you our current inventory as well as any completed and ready to pick up trailers. So come on by and check out why PROLine aluminum trailers are the best quality and best value.