Your business relies on getting your tools and materials to the job site every day. Lucky for you, our trailers never call in sick.

Your business needs an aluminum contractor trailer that will be ready every morning to help you tackle the day’s tasks. Buying that trailer factory direct from PROLine means that it can be tailored to the needs of you and your crew. Give us a call to discuss the perfect combination of enclosed aluminum contractor trailers and options that will optimize day-to-day operations for your business.

contractor trailers

7′ Wide Aluminum Contractor Trailers

Our most popular width of contractor trailers. The 7′ width keeps the tires completely outbound of the trailer box to give you a flat wall on the interior. This makes it easy to build out shelving and removes the tripping hazard of a wheel well inside the trailer.

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Quality Comes Standard

Heavy Duty All Aluminum Tubular Construction

Tandem Galvanized Dexter Torsion Axles

Self-Adjusting Brakes on Both Axles

15″ Radial Tires on Galvanized Wheels

Rear Ramp, Cargo Doors, or Upgrade to Both

Choice of 11 Solid Colors & 2-Tone Combinations

Screwless Exterior Panels

Available Roof Racks, Hard Roof, & Front Ladder

Customizable with Dozens of Options

aluminum contractor trailers

7.5′ Wide Aluminum Construction Trailers

A lot of our customers consider the 7.5′ wide contractor trailers the “Goldilocks” of trailer sizes. The 90″ interior width gives you an added 9″ compared to the 81″ of the 7′ wide trailer and just puts a small 4″ deep wheel well inside.

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custom contractor trailers

8′ Wide Landscape / Construction Trailers

Sometimes you just need more room. The 8′ wide contractor trailers give you just that. They have a 96″ interior width and a full wheel well inside the trailer. Many contractors would build out cabinets or shelving on either side of the trailer and leave a walkway down the middle.

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9.9k GVWR Aluminum Construction Trailers

Our 8′ wide contractor trailer with extra capacity. Upgraded to 5.2k axles, thicker framing, heavier rated tires, ready for you day-to-day operation.

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