NEW Wide-body Enclosed Car Hauler

w/ Optional XL Escape Door and Removable Wheel Well

A new offering from us for the 2024 model year! A wide-body car hauler with optional XL escape door which includes a removable wheel well! Our wide-body car hauler measures 98″ wide inside and comes standard with two full length runs of recessed E-track in the floor!

Wide-Body Car Trailer Info
  • Nominal Size: 101″ x 18′-28′ + 52″ V
  • GVWR: 7000# or 9900# Options
  • Main Frame: 2×5 HD Tube (7k) or 2×6 HD Tube (9.9k)
  • Floor Supports: 16″ centers
  • Wall Studs: 16″ centers
  • Ceiling Supports: 2″ Thick on 16″ Centers
  • Axles: Two Galvanized Dexter Torsion
  • Axle Rating: 3.5k (7k GVWR) or 5.2k (9.9k GVWR)
  • Brakes: Dexter NevRAdjust on Both Axles
  • Tires: 15″ Radial Tires, Load Range D
  • Rear Door: Heavy Duty Ramp w/ Spring Assist
  • Side Door: 32″ Side Door w/ RV Lock
  • Tie Downs: 2 Rows Recessed E-Track
  • Interior Finish: White FRP Walls w/ Toe Kick
  • Trailer Plug: Cold Weather 7 Way Trailer Plug
  • Trailer Ball Size: 2-5/16″ Ball
Tie-Down Versatility

Our Wide-Body car haulers all come STANDARD with two rows of recessed E-track in the floor. So you can secure your car to the points that make sense while still accounting for proper tongue weight. Our recessed E-track is bolted through an aluminum plate that gets welded to the trailer floor members.

OPTIONAL XL Escape Door w/ Removable Wheel wEll

Our XL Escape Door w/ Removable Wheel Well is perfect for those low profile cars! Two french doors open open and pin back to the exterior trailer walls with installed door catches. This exposes the interior wheel well. Twist out the two thumb screws on the wheel well and you can slide it right out and set it on the ground. This opens up about 6′ of width on the side of the trailer to get in to/out of your car!

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