In our 17+ years of trailer manufacturing and sales we’ve discovered that a well informed customer is often a happy customer. Therefore we’ve compiled some information and videos on trailer maintenance items.

For axle specific maintenance a Dexter Axle recommended maintenance schedule can be found here.

Periodic Maintenance

Grease Bearings w/ EZ Lube Hubs

Recommended Frequency: Once per year or every 12,000 miles

Proper lubrication of your trailer bearings is critical for safe towing. Under-lubricated bearings will heat up and deteriorate much faster than properly lubricated bearings. Dexter’s EZ Lube Hub system, which comes standard on every PROLine trailer, make greasing your bearings quick and easy. Check out the video below!

Make sure you use the appropriate bearing lubrication! Grease specifications and approved grease sources can be found on page 53 of the Dexter Service Manual.

Bearing Maintenance

Recommended Frequency: Once per year or every 12,000 miles

Bearing maintenance includes:

Brake Cleaning, Inspection, and Lubrication

Recommended Frequency: Once every 6 months or every 6,000 miles

Dexter Axle recommends inspecting the brake magnets for wear and current (p 15 & p 20, Dexter Service Manual)

Recommended Frequency: Once per year or every 12,000 miles

Dexter Axle recommends inspecting and servicing your brakes immediately if a loss of performance is indicated or once a year with normal usage.
PROLine recommends cleaning, inspecting, and lubricating brakes on snowmobile trailers prior to off-season storage. (p 14, Dexter Service Manual)

Grease Pivot Points

Recommended Frequency: As necessary

PROLine Products trailers with ramp doors hinges and bar locks are equipped with grease fittings. A white lithium grease will keep these pivot points from squeaking up or seizing.

  • Ramp door hinges (Grease zerk)
  • Ramp door bar locks (Grease zerk)
  • Cargo door hinges (Spray pin)
  • Jack stand pin/spring (Spray pin)

Lubricate Door Seals

Recommended Frequency: Before first frost then once per month during winter use

To prevent moisture from freezing on the door seals and locking your trailer up tight, we recommend applying a seal protectant to the rubber door seals of the trailer.

Lubricate Door Locks & Padlocks

Recommended Frequency: Once per month

Help keep the mechanical components of your locks free from debris and corrosion by using a quality lock lubricant.

Inspect Structure of Trailer

Recommended Frequency: Once per year or every 12,000 miles

It’s good practice to inspect the entire trailer on an annual basis. This inspection includes:

  • Inspection trailer frame and welds
  • Inspection of coupler, safety chains, door springs, hinges, and all hardware on trailer

Clean Wheels

Recommended Frequency: Once every 4-6 months, more frequently with winter use

Use warm soap and water to rinse any solvents or debris from your trailer wheels. Failure to do this leaves road treatment agents on your wheels which will lead to premature corrosion of the wheel finish.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment to bring your PROLine trailer for us to do any maintenance please e-mail or call us at 603-652-7337!