Where is my closest PROLine Trailer dealer?

Your closest PROLine dealer is us here in Milton, New Hampshire. We build our trailers here and sell them strictly factory direct out of our facility in Milton, NH. But just because we’re far away doesn’t mean you can’t have one. We’ve had customers travel from all across the US, Canada, and even Europe!

How do I become a dealer of PROLine Products Trailers?

We have no dealers and are not looking for any dealers. We strictly sell factory direct.

Why don't you have any dealers?

In our time of making trailers, we’ve found that “trailer dealers” typically only try to sell what they have sitting on their lot. Here at PROLine, we pride ourselves on selling the right trailer to the right customer so it’s best our customers contact us directly to help them get into the perfect trailer for their needs. Being the manufacturer we’re just as happy to custom build a trailer for someone as to sell them one off our lot. It’s all about identifying and meeting our customer’s needs then exceeding their expectations.

Why are your trailers so expensive/inexpensive?

Yes, we get this question on both ends of the spectrum. If you find our trailers expensive, odds are you’re either comparing it to a steel trailer (which would be much less expensive than ours) or another aluminum trailer without the same great features that we put standard on all of our trailers. Go ahead, price out that same enclosed aluminum trailer with the features we give you standard on most of our trailers (Dexter Torflex Axles w/ EZ Lube Hubs, galvanized wheels, radial tires, LED lights, 3/4″ flooring, quality side doors, ramp doors with spring assists, roof and walls on 16″ center, all aluminum & fully welded tubular frames, etc). You’ll find that we’re priced right in line and often times quite less.

If you’ve found that we’re quite a bit less the answer to that is simple. We sell factory direct so we’re cutting out the middle man. We get to build you a better trailer at a reasonable price. Win-Win.

Are you affiliated with XY Company in Z state?

No. PROLine Products LLC is based solely in Milton, New Hampshire and has been since we first opened in 2002. We have no affiliates, dealerships, or other outlets.

How do I order a trailer?

Give us a call or send us an e-mail so we can generate a quote for you. To place an order we require a minimum 20% deposit (though some trailers can be more) and we’ll advise you of an approximate pickup date of when your trailer should be ready. When you come to pick up your trailer please bring either cash or a bank check made out to PROLine Products LLC. We’ll have all the paperwork ready and we’ll even go over a checklist to inform you about the different features and maintenance items of your trailer. Before you leave we’ll re-torque the lug nuts and put a 20 day temporary plate on your trailer to get you home. For more information see the Build to Order page on our website.

Do you take trade ins?

Being a manufacturer of our own trailers we do not take any trailers in on trade. We wouldn’t be able to offer you a fair price as we only sell new trailers and don’t have customers looking for used trailers from other manufacturers.

Will I be charged sales tax on my trailer?

There is no sales tax in New Hampshire but if your state does have a sales tax you will most likely have to pay that at the time of your trailer registration.

Do you perform trailer repairs?

If a trailer that was originally made by PROLine Products LLC is damaged we are happy to help and get it back on the road however we DO NOT do any repairs on any other brand’s trailers.

Can you sell me an axle for my trailer?

If you have a PROLine trailer and for any reason need a new axle for it please do give us a call and we’d be happy to help. If you’re trailer is made by any other brand we do not carry any other brand’s axles and all of PROLine’s axles are custom built for us. They will not fit any other brand’s trailer. If you’re looking for an axle for another brand please call Textrail in Nashua, NH and they can order an axle for you.

Do you have trailers outside that I can check out outside of business hours?

The overwhelming majority of our completed trailers are stored in a warehouse until they’re purchased and picked up. If you come to check out trailers outside of business hours you won’t see much and any trailers stored outside are locked in a gated area.