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Durability, Design, and Drivability

The Unmatched Quality & Value Of PROLine Motorcycle Trailers

Looking to buy a motorcycle trailer that combines style, practicality, and resilience? PROLine Trailers is your go-to spot for the best motorcycle trailers designed to empower you with freedom and fuel your passion for adventure. Our aluminum motorcycle trailers are lightweight yet durable, ensuring your precious ride is always secure, regardless of where your journey takes you.

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Discover the Superior Strength & Style of Our Motorcycle Trailers.

Our enclosed aluminum motorcycle trailers aren’t just some cargo trailers we slap tie downs in. We’ve engineered these trailers to be as compatible with motorcycles as possible. The first thing you’ll notice is our Quick Adjust Floor Rail System to allow the ultimate in flexibility while securing your ride. These adjustable channels are welded to the trailer frame and allow you to put your wheel chocks and tie down points where you need them. We’re big fans of the Condor wheel chocks but most other wheel chocks work with our Quick Adjust Rail System as well.

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Perfect For A Single Motorcycle

5' Wide Motorcycle Trailers

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Plenty of room for a full sized bike

6' Wide Motorcycle Trailers

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Our Most Popular Motorcycle Trailer

80" Wide Motorcycle Trailers

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Any Two Bikes Will Fit Comfortably

90" Wide Motorcycle Trailers

Welcome to PROLine, home to some of the best motorcycle trailers for sale on the market. As a trusted motorcycle trailer manufacturer, we specialize in designing and constructing top-quality aluminum motorcycle trailers, perfect for the freedom-seeking rider ready to hit the open road.

With years of experience under our belts, we’ve earned a reputation as one of the leading motorcycle trailer manufacturers in the industry. PROLine motorcycle trailers come highly recommended. Just check out the multitude of positive motorcycle trailer reviews from satisfied customers.

At PROLine, we believe that your motorcycle trailer should be as unique as your journey. That's why we specialize in custom motorcycle trailers. Our team takes the time to understand your specific needs, and we take pride in creating a trailer that's the perfect fit for you. From single motorcycle trailers to large haulers, we've got you covered.

We understand that quality is paramount when it comes to choosing the perfect motorcycle cargo trailer. That’s why our trailers stand out from the crowd - each one is a testament to our commitment to unparalleled quality, durability, and drivability. We infuse meticulous craftsmanship into each model to ensure it meets our stringent standards. With PROLine, you’re investing in a trailer designed to stand the test of time.

One of the defining features of PROLine motorcycle trailers is their lightweight nature. Our aluminum motorcycle trailers provide a balance of strength and lightness, making them easy to tow while maintaining a robust structure. This combination results in improved fuel efficiency and easier maneuverability, all without compromising on durability.

From motorcycle hauler trailers to cargo trailers, PROLine delivers an unmatched towing experience. Each of our models is equipped with a range of motorcycle trailer features designed to enhance usability, from easy loading ramps to secure tie-down points.

In addition to our open trailers, we offer a selection of enclosed motorcycle trailers designed for superior protection from the elements. These trailers provide extra security for your bike, shielding it from weather and road debris during transit.

Rugged Aluminum Frame

Our aluminum trailers are built to last, starting with rugged main tubes and fully welded joints. We know what types of roads our trailers are dragged over when they leave our facility and our trailers are ready for them.

Quality Trailer Parts

A strong frame is only as good as the components to support it. This is why we use only the best of parts on our aluminum trailers like galvanized Dexter torsion axles, high quality radial tires, LED lighting, and self-adjusting brakes.

2.5x Stronger Roof

Our roofs are built with rugged 1″×2″ aluminum tubes on 16″ centers. That means a roof nearly 2.5 times stronger than many other trailers on the market. We tend to get a lot of snow in New Hampshire, our trailers are ready for it.

Attention To Detail

Every trailer we build is checked and double checked before it leaves our shop. We want to make sure our trailers are looking their best with screws lining up, lines cut straight, doors installed tight, and every trim screw properly located.

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