Enclosed Trailer Roof Rake


Discover the Ultimate Enclosed Trailer Roof Rake Solution!

Tired of struggling with snow-covered trailer roofs? Your quest ends here with the Big Rig Rake – the game-changer for effortless trailer roof clearing. Say goodbye to that cumbersome and costly step ladder for good!

Designed for brilliance, this enclosed trailer roof rake boasts a cleverly angled adapter, allowing you to effortlessly reach and clear the center of your trailer roof. Crafted with fiberglass handles to combat the chill of winter, you’ll conquer the task swiftly thanks to the 24″ wide head.

This enclosed trailer roof rake arrives as a comprehensive kit, featuring four 4′ fiberglass poles, connectors, a handle, a 24″ plastic head with wheels, and a handy nylon storage bag. Assembly is a breeze, requiring no tools – you’ll be ready to tackle the snow in seconds!

Upgrade your trailer roof maintenance with the Big Rig Rake and enjoy hassle-free, efficient snow clearance. Don’t let winter’s challenges slow you down. Order your enclosed trailer roof rake kit today and stay ahead of the snowfall!