Andersen Rapid Hitch w/ 2″ & 2-5/16″ Balls


The Andersen Rapid Hitch is an all aluminum ball mount with 2″ & 2-5/16″ plated steel tow balls.


Do you have a few different trailers? Each of which requiring a different draw bar or ball? The Rapid Hitch from Andersen Hitches is what you need! You’ll finally be able to can get rid of that collection of rusted draw bars banging around the bed of your pickup! The Rapid Hitch is machined from aluminum so no rust… ever. Plus, the 2″ & 2-5/16″ balls means you’re ready for whatever trailer you back up to. 2″ ball carries an 8,000 lb rating while the 2-5/16″ carries a heavier 10,000 lb rating.Calculate whether your setup needs the 8″ or 10″ drop, set the ball at the proper height, and you’re ready to go! One pin is all you need to pull so you can adjust your ball to the perfect height to ensure that you’re always towing your trailer as level as possible.