Enclosed Trailer Roof Rake


The Big Rig Rake is the easiest way to clear your enclosed trailer’s roof of snow. The angled handle allows you to reach over to the center of the trailer. And you’ll get the job done in no time thanks to the 24″ wide head. Kit includes four 4′ poles, connectors, handle, and head.


Finally, an easier way to clear the snow from your roof than lugging a ladder around all the time! The Big Rig Rake from Avalanche gives you a 24″ wide plastic rake head to reach out and remove the snow from the roof of your trailer!

Big Rig Rake assembles in seconds with no tools required. Includes:
– 24″ Wide Plastic Rake Head w/ Roller Wheels
– Upper Angle Tube
– 4′ Fiberglass Handle Sections
– Nylon Storage Bag