The Most Versatile Motorcycle Trailer Tie-Down System

PROLine enclosed motorcycle trailers come standard with our unique Quick Adjust Floor Rail System.

Trailers designed for a single motorcycle (5′ & 6′ wide models) come with three floor rails and trailers designed for two or more motorcycles (80″ and wider) come with 5 floor rails.

This system allows you to determine where your motorcycle goes to have a perfectly balanced load for every trip.

Have two bikes that you need to haul?
Stagger the two wheel chocks and drive right in!

Just have a single cruiser or even a trike?
Move your wheel chock to the center floor rail!

Check out the features of our quick-adjust floor system and condor chocks.


Wheel Chock Options

We carry three types of wheel chock that work with our Quick Adjust Floor Rail system.

The most secure chocks are the Condor™ Chocks by TCDD Inc. The Condor chocks are an adjustable wheel locking system for all motorcycles with wheel sizes ranging from 14-22″/ 80-230 wide.

The locking mechanism effortlessly and securely supports your motorcycle in an upright position in the trailer.

With the Condors™, tying down a motorcycle becomes a easy task for one person. You will be amazed at how secure and safe your bikes will be once tied down in a Condor™ Chock .

The Condor™ chocks are available in an aluminum version (PS1500) or a steel version (SC2000). The PS1500 can be used in or out of the trailer due to the stabilizing wing on the front of it.

For a less expensive option we also offer a basic tubular chrome chock. No matter what chock you choose add a few Quick Adjust D-Rings or Eyebolts to complete any of these tiedown packages.

Condor PS1500 wheel chock

Condor PS1500 Chock

$270 Each

Condor SC2000 wheel chock

Condor SC2000 Chock

$195 Each

 Tubular chrome chock

Tubular Chrome Chock

$60 Each

Adjustable Tie Down Point Options

We have developed two different tie down point methods for our Quick Adjust Floor Rail, the Quick Adjust Eyebolt and the Quick Adjust D-Ring. More information can be found about both options by clicking on the images to the right.


Quick Adjust D-Ring

$15 Each


Quick Adjust Eye Bolt

$15 Each

As an alternative to our Quick Adjust Floor Rail we do also offer traditional recessed in-floor wheel chocks and D-rings.

Our recessed wheel chocks are fully boxed in under the floor with aluminum extrusions and the D-rings are bolted through aluminum backing plates that are welded to the trailer frame.