Safe Towing Checklist

The following checklist is intended to help promote safe towing practices. This checklist does not cover every aspect of our trailers or of towing but it does cover some very important details about towing safety. As always, it’s important to read and understand the owner’s manual of your trailer and tow vehicle to make sure you’re towing safely.

Before Hooking Up Your Trailer


That you’re familiar with all information in the owner’s manual of your trailer and your tow vehicle
Trailer coupler, safety chains, draw bar, and ball for signs of wear
Size of tow ball required for coupler

That loaded trailer does not exceed the capacity of:
Trailer’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR)
Tow vehicle’s towing capacity and max tongue weight
Tow ball and draw bar’s capacity and max tongue weight

Tongue weight is 10-15% of gross trailer weight
Trailer tire pressure and inspect tires for cuts or signs of wear
Lug nuts are torqued as specified in the trailers owner’s manual
Breakaway battery is charged and system is in working order
Trailer roof is clear from ice and snow

Before Towing


All trailer lights are operating properly
Trailer brakes are operating properly (if equipped)
Trailer is being towed level
Trailer coupler is latched and secure
Safety chains are crossed and secured
Breakaway system is properly attached
Tow mirrors or mirror extensions are in place (if required)

While Towing


Take wide corners!
You’re more susceptible to winds while towing an enclosed trailer
Braking will take longer, leave plenty of room in front of you
And don’t forget routine maintenance!

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