Measuring For Draw Bar Height


Determining Required Drawbar Drop or Rise

Level towing is critical for safe towing. A trailer towed level will wear tires more evenly, best utilize the trailer’s suspension, and distribute stresses throughout the trailer frame as the trailer manufacturer intended. Therefore, it’s imperative that you tow your trailer level, and to do that you need to determine the proper amount of drop or rise for your draw bar.

Drop or rise is the difference between where the trailer ball sits to the top of the receiver tube. Most trailers balls are 3″ from where they sit to the top of the ball and most couplers are 3″ tall. However, there are Rise Tow Balls available and some other non-standard tow balls. Therefore, PROLine uses a “Top of Ball” dimension.


  1. Distance from ground to top of receiver
  2. Subtract Top of Ball dimension
  3. Add 3″ to account for standard ball height
  4. This is your required drop. A negative number indicates required rise.

Do you have multiple trailers or multiple tow vehicles?

Consider investing in an adjustable trailer hitch.

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