Trailer Towing & Ownership Checklist

Level Towing

Trailers with tandem Torflex™ axles must be towed level. This provides for proper weight and stress distribution between the axles and the trailer frame. Adjust the height of your tow ball to ensure level towing.

Tongue Weight

PROLine Products recommends approximately 10-15% of the gross trailer weight be on the tongue. Too much or too little tongue weight can cause hazardous towing conditions.

Safe Trailer Loading

It is recommended that loading/unloading of your trailer should only be done when securely attached to a tow vehicle. Trying to load/unload while not attached to a vehicle can result in injury or death.

Electric Trailer Brakes

For trailers with electric brakes, electric trailer brakes require the use of an electric brake controller for safe towing. Make sure your brake controller and breakaway system are operational prior to every tow. PROLine Products wires the breakaway battery to be charged when your trailer’s running lights are on. It is essential that this battery be charged and the breakaway cable be properly secured every time you tow.

PROLine Products exclusively uses Dexter Nev-R-Adjust™ electric brakes. These brakes self-adjust on both forward and reverse stops to stay properly adjusted. Nev-R-Adjust brakes may take 15-20 stops to initially wear in.

Lug Nuts & Tire Pressure

The lug nuts on your trailer should be checked before first use, periodically over the first few hundred miles, after every wheel removal, and periodically thereafter. See your owner’s manual for torque specification. Trailer tires should be run at the maximum inflation pressure as listed on the sidewall of the tire. Check tire pressure regularly.

Owner’s Manual

Read the provider Owner’s Manual that is provided to you, it has valuable information pertaining to your trailer and towing procedures.

Trailer Maintenance

Recommended trailer maintenance includes lubrication and adjustment of trailer bearings, brake maintenance, and maintenance of other components. The following links will bring you to our Recommended Trailer Maintenance page which has some videos and other resources in regard to trailer maintenance.

Trailer Repairs & Service

Our service doesn’t end when you leave our lot. Whether your trailer is involved in an accident, a limb lands on it during a wind storm, or you just need someone to provide the routine maintenance described above, we’re happy to help.

Online Store

In an effort to provide you the best customer experience, we’ve incorporated an Online Parts Store into our website where you can purchase tie downs, replacement tires, bearing grease, and a select few other accessories. In the future we’ll be adding other items to this page including: replacement bearings, brake components, among others.

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